Security in a ever changing world made Fast, Robust and User-Friendly

Fastest in the world

On average a single-result query shouldn't be longer than 0.015 seconds. One week after launch, we already hit 50,000 searches. Out of those only around 140 had queries that took longer than 0.5 seconds. Out of those less than 20 used more than 2 seconds. All of this makes us the single fastest database lookup to ever have existed.

More results than anyone else

On average we output around 200 results per query in an average 0.05 seconds. We also get thousands of more results for keywords like "mike", "molly", "username" and passwords like "password" than any of our alternatives. We will go out of our way to not stuff our row count, but instead get you the best quality databases on the market.

World-class developers

Because this industry is plagued with hacked-together services made by children, we have decided this needs to change. As a result we work with some of the best developers we can get our hands on to make sure our site is secure, fast and has minimal downtime. This should be reflected on both our website and API.


The last thing we want is our customers to be confused. This is why we bring in focus-groups that visit our site, and have to go through the process of purchasing, searching and asking support questions. We had a number of people review our site so we could improve our overall user experience (UX), and then we had different people visit our competitors sites, and report back the positive and negatives of their over-all UX. This has helped us make the easiest to use search engine on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Snusbase and how does it work?

Snusbase indexes information from websites that have been hacked. We allow our users to search for emails, usernames, ip address or even passwords so they can find out if their information has been leaked. After a search we display all available information from that hacked site. If a database has a users full name, email, password, rank, address, etc. we make all that information available to the user so they can stay safe and keep their information out of the hands of hackers and cyber criminals.

How do you aquire this hacked data?

In exchange for time on the site security researchers often give us access to these hacked databases and that way we're allowed access to some of the most private databases on the market while remaining neutral and most importantly legal. We do sometimes however depending on the severity or when both parties agree for a exclusivity period, offer cash rewards in exchange for databases.

Is this legal?

Once a site has been hacked and the database is in the hands of a number of individuals not related to the hack it is considered public information. As researchers we are allowed to distribute and allow users to search for their information, according to a number of supreme court rulings. We recommend you check the laws in your jurisdiction, but as a rule-of-thumb this site is legal in most western countries.

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